Sunday, September 4, 2011

Orioles:Losers 14 Years And Counting

With a 6-3 loss to Tampa Bay on Saturday night, the Orioles (55-82) ended any hope of snapping a 13-year losing streak. When the 2011 season started, I honestly believed this would be the year the O's would contend with the rest of the division. But Saturday night's loss put an end to that dream; the Birds have now put a losing team on the field for 14 straight seasons.

The O's could win all 25 games left on the schedule and still finish 80-82, which would be a vast improvement. But the reality is that the Birds will more than likely lose half of those games, but at least a 100-loss season seems unlikely at this point.

Nick Markakis put the O's on top early on Saturday, slapping a two-run homer in the first inning. But Alfredo Simon struggled from the start, allowing two runs in the bottom of the frame and six runs on seven hits and four walks in only five innings of work. Simon (4-8) struck out two in the loss and never looked comfortable on the mound.

The O's have had some success against the Rays this season, going 7-7 against Tampa Bay with four games left to play. The Birds have gone just 11-29 against New York, Boston and Toronto...which is so bad I could barely believe it until I checked the stats. Sad but true...

Jeremy Guthrie takes the mound Sunday afternoon before the Birds head to New York to battle the Yankees.

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